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Plastic Milk Can

These Plastic Milk Cans, which are used to store or transport milk from one location to another, are created with the intent of keeping milk pure and fresh for an extended length of time. Although these cans are lightweight, they are incredibly strong and simple to handle.

Plastic Tablet Container

These Plastic Tablet Containers are of the highest quality and feature lovely patterns that are available for adults, women, and children. The items are environmentally friendly because they are manufactured from recycled materials. These are both scratch- and heat-resistant.

Jerry Can

The jerry cans are leak-proof and made of the best material, making them ideal for storing gasoline, diesel, and motor oil. They are also powder coated for extended life. These cans are easily attached and removed from the bike. Both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids are kept in them.


These HDPE Jars give a jar that is moderately rigid, impact resistant, and has excellent moisture resistance. Variety of sizes and forms are offered for the HDPE plastic jars. You may use these jars for any packing requirements.

Plastic Spoon

You have come to the correct place if you have grown tired of your current plastic cutlery and are seeking a replacement. You may choose from a wide selection of Plastic Spoons in a wide range of distinctive patterns at our store.

Vial Hanger

These Vial Hangers have a hook that streamlines and reduces the cost of administering bottled infusions at the bedside. Additionally, while utilizing a machine or manually mixing, these hangers can be utilized in the pharmacy.